Widya Mulyasasmita, Ph.D.

Widya has been drawn to interdisciplinary science and building things from a young age, which led her to study Bioengineering and Materials Science at UC Berkeley. She co-founded her first medical device company while pursuing her PhD in Bioengineering at Stanford, before joining McKinsey & Co. to tackle business problems in the healthcare, energy, and materials sectors. Following her curiosity, Widya developed a passion for startups and innovation, leading her to roles in early-stage deal making, NewCo creation, venture capital, and eventually to co-founding BEVC. Before BEVC, Widya led life science investing at B Capital group, and was part of the founding investment team at Red Tree VC. She was the founding Chief Business Officer at InterVenn, a pioneer in AI-powered glycoproteomics. Earlier, she held a business development role at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, focusing on pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Widya has served on the boards of multiple healthcare companies across research and commercial stages. 

At her core, Widya remains a scientist and engineer. She finds fulfillment in building companies with technical founders and entrepreneurial academics, and approaches investing with a science-first and problem-solution mindset. Outside of startups, Widya believes in the superpowers of marine life, music, and education. She enjoys snorkeling and scuba diving, unwinding at the drums and piano, and finds time to learn and teach.