Rowan Chapman, Ph.D.

While Rowan was carrying out postdoctoral research at UCSF she became curious about how basic research discoveries were translated into meaningful commercial products. She pursued the journey of “invention to impact” working in early stage startups and traditional venture capital for more than a decade. Over that time she developed a passion for big-data-meets-biology.

Realizing the important role that large established corporations play in the commercialization of breakthrough innovation she moved to General Electric and then Johnson & Johnson where she partnered and invested in innovators across the world.

Rowan is excited to partner with the BEVC team and to support entrepreneurs on their own, always unique, journeys. To learn more about Rowan’s other experiences, check out LinkedIn.

When she’s not talking to scientist-entrepreneurs (ideally while walking) she enjoys the meditative focus of pilates, cooking plant-based food and learning from her three children.