Greg Went, Ph.D.

Greg is a scientist, inventor, investor, experienced entrepreneur and board member with multiple startups in the life sciences, including genomics, genetics, diagnostics and therapeutics. His companies have taken multiple products from invention through approval and commercialization, benefiting the lives of thousands of patients and their care partners. 

His journey began early in his Ph.D. program in Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. During his post-doc at Cornell, he co-founded CuraGen Corporation (NASDAQ: CRGN), one of the first genomics companies, where he co-led the development of CuraGen's genomics platform and led the corporate partnering efforts.  After spending about 5 years supporting VC firms and entrepreneurs, he co-founded Adamas Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ADMS), serving as its CEO and Chairman, where the company discovered, developed and launched two commercial products:  Namzaric® (with Allergan) and GOCOVRI®.  He joined Dextera Biosciences in 2020, a company attempting to develop a new category of drugs called synthetic D-Proteins.  His initial role was as an investor/Board member, but he then stepped into his current role as CEO and Chairman to drive the development of its platform and programs to the clinic.

Greg divides his time between Steamboat Springs, Colorado and San Francisco, CA.  Hid greatest professional joy is helping scientists, entrepreneurs and investors determine the maximal benefit a particular technology platform can achieve, then driving crystal clarity around the direct benefit of its successful development to patients.